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Python Decorators Plain @Powerful 

Milan pMilan Malla (Software Engineer (Python)) 3 Min. Read May 28, 2021

Basic introduction of decorators in python.
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Introducing Redux 

BarshaBarsha Upadhyaya (Associate Software Engineer (React JS)) 7 Min. Read May 23, 2021

As react is all about rendering content on a screen and handling user interaction, its primary goal is not really around maintaining.
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Promise And Async/Await Javascript 

SushilSushil Bajracharya (Associate Software Engineer (React JS)) 13 Min. Read May 20, 2021

In this blog we learn what is a Promise in javascript and how we can handle them using Async/Await.
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Serializers In Django 

RishavRishav Paudel (Software Engineer (Python, Django)) 1 Min. Read May 20, 2021

Overview of Django Serializers
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Cypress End To End Testing 

NehaNeha KC (QA Engineer) 1 Min. Read May 12, 2021

end-to-end testing using Cypress
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Celery Integration In Django 

SulavSulav Panthi (Associate Software Engineer (Python, Django)) 3 Min. Read May 12, 2021

This blog contains instructions to integrate celery in any django project for asynchronous execution of tasks.
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Using Socket.Io With Node.Js 

SajanSajan Dhakal (Software Engineer (ReactJS)) 1 Min. Read May 12, 2021

simple example of client server communication with socket
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Timely Backups Of Mongo Database 

RomanRoman Khadka (Team Lead (Ruby on Rails)) 1 Min. Read Dec 14, 2020

This is a basic backup method that i followed to create timely backups of mongo database in production.
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Rake Tasks 

SheriffSheriff Hussain (Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails)) 4 Min. Read Oct 15, 2020

The blog gives idea on how to create rake tasks, how to use parameters passed to the tasks, how to manage the execution pattern, namespaces, and many more
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Using Data Table Along With Turbolinks 

SheriffSheriff Hussain (Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails)) 1 Min. Read Sep 18, 2020

Using jQuery Data-Table along with turbolinks in rails, and also solving the most common duplication problem while using them together.
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