Introduction to Monolith and Microservice Archtecture

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Sep 8, 2019


Monolith is the traditional architectural style for software development in which different components such as Authorization, Business logic, Database layer, Notification Module, etc are working together to perform certain functionalities. In this architecture if something goes wrong, it could affect the entire module. All the server and client side logic, background jobs are defined in the same code base. As a result the overall stack needs to be build at once. In Contrast, Microservice architecture is a suite of independent modules and each serves to deliver it’s own specific service. They have their own database as well as they can use the other according it’s purpose. Many growing companies are shifting towards MicroServices architecture as it is a reliable architecture for a complex and large application.

Pros and Cons of Monolith Archi Figure of Monolith architecture:tecture

Some of the merits and demerits of the Monolith Architecture are as follows:


  • Monolithic architecture is favourable for smaller projects.
  • It can have performance advantages as the shared memory is faster than inter-process communication.
  • It is simple to deploy in comparison to microservice.


  • It is not appropriate for large and complex application in terms of challenges for changes.
  • Must redeploy the entire application in case of updates.
  • A bug can affect the entire application.
  • It is costly in terms of time and efforts.

Pros and Cons of Microservice Architecture

Some of the merits and demerits of the Microservice Architecture are as follows:


  • It is applicable for large and complex web application where there is the continuous changes and updates.
  • Each module serves independently and can be deployed independently.
  • It helps to acknowledge the work of the different team.
  • Failure in one module doesn’t affect the entire application.


  • Testing is more difficult in comparison to the monolith applications.
  • It might get challenging for the inter communication process between the application.
  • Additional complexity of creating the distributed system.


In this way, both of the architecture has their own terms of usage. So, depending upon the requirement and condition one can use either among the two. However, with the growth and complexity of the web application MicroService Architecture could be a good choice to adopt.